How Does Staber Compare With Front-Load Washers?

Compare to Top-Load Washers

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Front Load Designs
Loads from the top  Loads from the front
Costs about $190 each year to operate at 8 loads per week Costs around $365 to use each year
Avg. of 14 gallons of water per load  Avg. of 26 gallons per load
Uses 1 ounce of regular detergent per load Uses 2-3 ounces per load of the more expensive low-sudsing detergent
Stainless steel inner and outer tubs Plastic outer tub
No front water seal--prevents possible leakage Has a rubber boot water seal in the front that could potentially leak
Tubs are supported by two bearings on theand back and two bearings on the front for balanced support that can also be re-greased  for better durability Tubs are supported by one single bearing on the back that cannot be re-greased
Total front access to parts No total front access to parts
Immediate access to the tub while washing in case you forgot a couple pair of socks Does not have immediate access to tub
Commercial-grade washer for the home Standard domestic residential washer
Tubs are shaped so that they create a passive pumping action in the water to clean more effectively Standard circular tubs
Warranty not voided if using solar power Warranty most likely voided if used on  solar power

Now you can realize a Staber washer is what you really prefer compared to a front loader when you analyze its design advantages.

Who would use a Staber top load h-axis washer?

Toll-free: (877) 713-7858

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