Whidbey Water Filters

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Whole-house systems treat water at the source or at the point of entry into the building. These systems are generally installed in the well house or pump house, in the garage or basement, or in an adjoining shed or out building. The closer the filtration system is to the point of use, the less opportunity there is for any bacteria to build up in the pipes between the two points. If the water does have to travel a long distance from the well to the house, sometimes it is comforting to install a point-of-use filter on the sink as an added polish to the already clean water. In most cases, however, this is not necessary and is sometimes redundant.

For large communities, treating the water at the well may remove the worst concerns, such as hardness or iron or particularly bacteria, usually well water for communities does nothing more than chlorination. For this reason is often better for each residence to install an individual treatment system to remove the rest of the contaminants that the community system did not deal with. Even if the water is clean enough, at least removing the chlorine is a good idea. One other issue in large communities is that no one can agree as to which system to install, and so often the homeowners are left to their own devices; some choose to live with the bad watter, while others install various systems to treat some or most, but usually never all, of the water problems.

Aqua Alternatives is focused on helping individual home owners to custom-design water treatment systems that are specific to their particular water issues. Call for a free consultation.