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When it is time to tear apart a piano, think in terms instead of taking apart a piano. Instead of piano demolition, think of piano salvaging.


Salvaging Pianos
Dean Petrich


            There is a point of no return for pianos.  Eventually the wood gets old and mushy, the felts get stiff and hard, the metal fatigues and breaks, humidity can rust everything, and the wooden exterior can delaminate, buckle, split, warp, and separate.  At this point it would take far more time, effort, money and materials to restore the piano than it would ever be worth for resale.  Once a piano is no longer playable as a normal instrument, it is time to consider the alternatives. 
What else could the piano become?  How could the individual parts be re-used?  Following are some general ideas of ways to use, alter or convert a piano.

Piano Dismantling Procedure