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KUOW Podcast Interview

with Dean Petrich, RPT

Listen to a brief interview with Dean on the radio regarding his collection of nearly 200 pianos. Dean gets frequent calls from people who don't know what to do with their pianos because they are moving, they no longer play them, the cost of repair is more than the piano is worth, or the piano is simply in the way and no longer played. At this point, Dean is the only person left in the greater Seattle area who will remove unwanted pianos from peoples' homes, and, instead of throwing the pianos out, will recyclie them into the world in one form or another. If the piano can be restored, Dean will fix it and either sell it, rent it, or give it away. If the piano truly is unsalvageable as an instrument, he will carefully dismantle it and save all the screws, hardware and valuable parts for re-use either in another piano, for an altered function, or for a piece of art.

The interview with Dean comes in toward the second half of this podcast: