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Tuning Mason Hamlin BB


Aural and Electronic Tuning

To be able to tune by ear takes years of training and practice. Even with a tuning aid, the skill of moving the hand and the tuning hammer is an art that must be aquired by knowledge, skill, and repetition. Increasingly fewer piano technicians have mastered the art of aural tuning. Dean is one of the remaining few.

Dean tuned by ear for twenty years before he purchased his first tuning device. With that, learning began anew. Dean has used just about every electronic tuning device made. As tuning aids have evolved, so has the quality and precision of every tuning increased. Currently, the Acutuner, the CyberTuner and the VeriTuner are Dean's favorites, and of the three he prefers the VeriTuner. Even with such precision, at the end of every tuning Dean always checks each note by ear. His work is guaranteed.

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