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Highly absorbable children's vitamins:

Children's Vitamins

Children's Vitamins
Try these vitamins with your children and they won't want to go back to the old ones.



Crucial minerals -- like calcium and zinc --  often bond with "undesireable" molecules unacceptable by the body's cells,  rendering them useless to the various body systems.  These vitamins are compounded with fructose, a patented process that bonds minerals to fructose molecules, making them more available to the body.
    Also available are kosher, vegan children's multivitamins.  Growing bodies need balanced nutrition to maintain good health and strengthen their immune system.  These contain 17 crucial vitamins and minerals to help ensure proper growth and development.  Unlike grocery store brands, these are made from a base of eight different fruits and vegetables, making it easier for young bodies to absorb the nutrients.  It's also the first children's vitamin flavored with the natural sweetener xylitol, which has been shown to promote healthy teeth and ears.  With their delicious orange flavor and fun animal shapes, you're kids will never guess they're sugar-free!

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