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Call to learn more about pre-natal supplements that are significantly unique.

Did you know that chelated iron is only 1/2 of 1% absorbed?
No wonder you don't feel good when you take an iron "horse pill"!

How would you like to take a much smaller tablet and know for a fact that you are getting significantly more absorbtion of all the ingredients than you can with any other brand?
How would you like to take a pre-natal that does not upset your stomach and that actually tastes good?
How would you like to spend less money and receive far higher results?
How would you like to find a 100% plant-based pre-natal?
One that is fresh and was just made?
How about less expensive?


At last you can!

Call for more information on these unusually effective pre-natals.

Dean Petrich

(206) 324-5055


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