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We hold the key to life





In these pages you will find ways to shrink your carbon footprint by becoming more educated and aware,
by switching to a greener lifestyle, and by setting an example for others.

Adopt even one idea from this website into your life and in a small way you will help the world improve.



Environmental PRODUCTS: Solar water heaters, composting toilets and incinerating toilets, water filters, grey water treatment, safe household products, drain strainers and other ways to decrease your carbon footprint are all available here. Incorporate one or all of these products into your existing home.

Environmental LIFESTYLE: Learn about health, food, food supplements, exercise, weight management, travel alternatives, fuel efficiency, recycling, barter, toxins, & home security.

Environmental TOPICS: Read about transportation alternatives, population, education, trees, paper, recycling, unique alternative sources for energy and power.

Environmental MONEY SOURCES: If you would like to supplement your income, work from home, or simply earn a little extra cash in a manner that is green, here is your opportunity to check out some excellent money-making programs that are environmentally appropriate.


Consider These Alternatives for Your Home

Green Home

Solar Water Heaters: affordable
Water: catchment, treatment and filtration
Toilets: composting, incinerating, ultra-low-flush
Food Supplements: vegetarian, maximum absorption
Weight Management: lose weight, keep it off, and eat well
Non-Toxic Products: low-cost, effective, safe household products
Greywater: legal alternative solutions to graywater and blackwater disposal
Garden Composter: indoor & outdoor composters for vegetation and organic waste
Home Security System:
lowest price on the market, wireless, remote access, versatile
Income Options: be self-sufficient, secure & sane by developing a profitable home business

Discover New Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

The Basics:

Health, Food, Water, Waste, Air Quality, Emergency Preparedness

Global Concerns:
Population Facts & Statistics, Building Global CommunityVertical Farming, GMO
Shelter Dean's House, Arcosanti, Alternative Building Materials, Build Old Not New
Energy Energy, Wind, Noteworthy Energy Break-Throughs, Global Warming, Oil,Fuel Cells, Space Heat, Biomass
Transportation Travel Alternatives, Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Green Cars, Mass Transit, Bicycles, Fuel Savings

Money, Barter, Education, Entertainment, Home Security,
Food, Exercise, Vitamins, Weight Management, Consumption

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Dean's New Book:
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Health Education Resource:

. Call for free consultation and ideas for alternative environmental designs: (206) 324-5055.

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