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Dean Petrich in the News



Newspaper Articles
about Dean Petrich

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Musician Cares for Orphaned Uprights
The Whidbey Examiner
January 5, 2012
by Toni Grove

* * *
Petrich's Dream House, Designed for the Mind
The Islander
Whidbey Island, WA
June, 1981
by Lorinda Kay Eastlick

* * *
The Lakeside Mystique
The Weekly, Seattle's Newsmagazine
January 8-14, 1986
by Schuyler Ingle

* * *
Clown of a Thousand Interests
Madison Park Times
Seattle, WA
March, 1986, page 9
by Mary Anne Fleck

 * * *

Unique South Whidbey Home, both Fun & Efficient
South Whidbey RECORD
Langley, WA
Tuesday, March 25, 1986
by Lorinda Eastlick

* * *
Deano's 25th Anniversary Newspaper Article
Send in the Clown
          "Whidbey Island Man Fine-Tunes a Hobby into Funny Business"
Seattle Post - Intelligencer
Seattle, WA
Feb 16, 1999
by  JEFF LARSEN,  P-I Photographer

* * *
He Lives Life Like He Keeps His Pianos:
A Finely Tuned Instrument
The South Whidbey Record
"Island Living" Section, A7
Freeland, WA
Wed., Dec. 15, 2004
by Cynthia Woolbright

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More articles to come:

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Seattle PI: Deano on Bicycle
Seatle Times: "Why We Laugh"
Seattle Sun article
Seattle PI: "Deano on Bicycle"
Seattle Times: "Why We Laugh"
"Orphaned Pianos"
"Quirky House"


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