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Green Home

How green can you make your home?

The Ultimate
Green Home

Dean Petrich
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Below is a list of the ultimate combination of products from this site to create a truly green home.  If our goal is to leave as small a footprint as possible on the earth while at the same time to live a wholesome, happy, inspiring, exciting, fullfilling and satisfying life, then the first step is to create an efficient low-impact living environment.  How can this be done and what should be encorporated into the house?  Below is a package of items to include in the ultimate green home.


Additional Suggestions

Environmentally Conscious Houses

Here are a couple green houses in Washington State:
SunRay Kelley crafts his own enchanted forest in Sedro-Woolley | Local News | The Seattle Times
Dean's Huckleberry Hill

In a tough neighborhood in Washington, D.C., the new Empowerhouse generates all of its own energy and captures all the rainwater that falls on site.
And it didn’t cost a million bucks to build.

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are efficient. They require little space, are transportable, conserve energy and water, and are cozy and appealing.

More and more people are finding that living in smaller spaces -- backyard cottages and tiny houses -- leaves room for a larger life. Here are some of their stories

An extremely small example of a tiny house is the tricycle house:


Micro-Units and Podaments

MicroUnits in New York
MicroUnits in Seattle

In Winning Design, City Hopes to Address a Cramped Future


"My Micro NY" will create a building of 55 micro-units each measuring between 250 and 370 square feet,
with 40 percent of the units priced to be affordable, the mayor's office said.

Poplar Network
Poplar Network is a free online community for green building professionals.
They can create professional profiles, connect with other members of the industry, read about green building, and use an interactive Q&A forum.
It's completely free to use, and is a very valuable resource for green builders.