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Recreating Money Production

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Dean Petrich



The advent of computers has simplified work to the point that many jobs that used to be done by people are no longer necessary. File clerks are not needed to put folders into a cabinet when most files are now maintained digitally. Publishing can now be done by print-on-demand. With the growth of 3-D Printing, even precise custom-made and mass-produced items can be recreated physically via a computer program. In addition, the need for jobs globally is becoming so evident that labor it is significantly more cost-effective and profitable to out-source manufacturing and production. Add to these factors the dilemma of a troubled economy and the job market rapidly becomes sparse. These trends are leaving increasingly more people out of jobs -- people who are looking for something to do that is meaningful, satisfying and lucrative.

It is time to re-think and to re-design our entire global economic structure. Population has grown to such an extent that the concept of limited and exhausted resources is becoming an immediate reality. Capitalism is based on the concept that the markets will continue to grow. The problem now is that the markets as they currently exist have leveled off. Each household needs only so many television sets and automobiles. We now complacently assume that planned obsolescence is the way things are, and have gotten in the habit of discarding rather than repairing and of waiting for the next latest model to overtake whatever is in current use. This attitude and practice cannot be sustained.
If we create new products, new markets, and new directions of focus for our economy, we can stimulate the economy as well our our own sense of self-worth. The old saying, "find a need and fill it" still stands as the way to make money. The question is, what needs do we have and how can they be filled? Another way to ask this is, how can we do differently what we are already doing? Of course, the ultimate question is, what could we use that we don't yet know that we need? If these answers are seen as desirable or as necessity items, then the market for these ideas will explode.

To create new products and markets, a good way to start is to back away from our immediate lives and to look at the overview -- the physical earth and its resources, living beings and their interactions, climate and global changes -- before jumping into money, jobs, manufacture, transportation, services, food, water, distribution of resources and assets, social issues, power and control, politics, greed, and corruption. What mind set should prevail for the benefit of the entire world? What are the optimum overall goals that we as world citizens should be sharing and striving for? Where do our values lie? Once we answer these basic questions and we create a new global mission statement, then we can indeed work together in spite of our local differences to develop a sustainable world that will endure. "Think globally, act locally."
With our guidelines set, we can then begin by brainstorming and listing new options and possibilities that have before existed only as dreams and fantasies. We can do anything we set our minds to. The key is to reach a critical mass of agreement. Once we know the directions we want, we can develop projects and insert a time line. New projects create new jobs, which increase our collective income. Indeed, if we can create results that have far-reaching impact at minimal costs using pre-existing ressources, such as the sun, wind, waves, and dirt, then we will truly grow rich. Already people are seeing new ways to use simple things that can replace what we already felt we needed with more complex and expensive versions. A good example would be replacing a highly dangerous and expensive nuclear power plant with a large-scale solar power array in the desert.

The task at hand, therefore, is to conceive of projects and products that can replace or improve on what we already have. Following are attributes to strive for:

There are several general categories to consider:

Of course there are more, but these are basic.  Now the issue is to take each of these categories and to start with a blank slate, a tabula rasa, at ground zero, and to re-design every aspect of each category using our new global guideline as a constant.   For example, what are some potential ideas for producing power?  We already have many in place, such as solar energy, wind mill farms, wave and tide energy generators, geothermal, and convection towers.  The problem is that these programs are not funded, and some exist only as prototypes.  The fact of the matter is that each of these, and especially all of them combined, could produce not only as much power but actually more power than we are currently enjoying with our existing coal, nuclear and hydro power plants. 

Our challenge is to start collecting as many alternative ideas and developments into one spot as possible, like the focal point of a parabolic mirror.  What will happen is that our awareness of the validity of these alternatives will reach critical mass, and we, like the 100th monkey, will change.  We will not only see the importance of these possibilities, but we will understand the imperative inevitability of them and will place our attention on their realization. 

There are many groups around the world that are attempting this culmination at various levels.  Possibly this web site can serve as a collecting point for the existing groups of people seeking such a change, for the proponents of existing  prototypes and projects, for the inventors and dreamers who have spent countless hours designing workable solutions, and for the average person who might just happen to have an amazing idea. 

Feel free to write, call and contribute as many ideas and options as you can.  No one will be judged or rejected.  Every idea is valid and should be considered.  Maybe a single idea might not be feasible, but when combined with another concept, that single idea could become the catalyst that makes everything work.  Put your thinking cap on and tell your friends and associates.  This is a project that has reached its time.  Once things get set in motion they become reality.  Let’s gain momentum.