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"Alternating Intermittent Recirculating Reactor"
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Graywater & Blackwater Treatment
for individual residences, small communities, and entire towns.

AIRR Enclosure

Water recovery and re-use is a growing concern in the World.

SPEC Industries, Inc. is a World Leader in Water Recovery Technology.

SPEC Industries, Inc. can provide you with a completely designed, engineered and stamped Water Recovery Facility (process and structural drawings) to meet the requirements for your projects.

AIRR Effluent

 INFLUENT                              EFFLUENT
            BOD      TSS                    BOD       TSS      “ N ”
JUNE   915        60                       N.D.      N.D.      8.28
JULY   1018      1252                   10.00     N.D.      3.18
AUG    1090      2070                   18.20     N.D.      6.43
            1008      1127                     9.4       N.D.      5.96

     Here it is!  At last there is a gray water treatment system that works for both single family residences as well as for entire communities. The AIRR (Alternating Intermittent Recirculating Reactor) system is a breakthrough in blackwater systems, and is an innovative alternative for the conventional drainfield. Because it is actually designed to treat blackwater (toilet water), it most definitely will handle greywater, particularly when combined with low-flush composting toilets.
    Approved by the state of Washington as a standard reciruclating sand filter, it solves some perk problems by turning sewer effluent into reusable water biologically and with no offensive odor.  The treated water is many times clearer than EPA swimming standards.  This clear sparkling water is suitable for futher processing and for recycling and re-use in non-potable applications.  The AIRR clear water can be discharged underground into drainfields, or into salt water, streams and rivers, or can be used to irrigate golf courses, parks, ski resorts, forests or farm land.
    The system consists of a septic/dosing tank, a biological reactor containing both secondary and tertiary sections, a simple cover structure, a recirculating tank and a discharge tank or pipe; circuit board control is an option.  The size of the reactor depends on the amount of gallons that need to be processed per day.  The reactor's size is based on five gallons per square foot per day.  An AIRR system can be designed for a single residence or an entire community. The AIRR system has many features.  One is low maintenance.  Regular septic tank pumping, periodic visual inspection of the sprinkler heads and pumps, and normal routine maintenance of the cover structure is all that is needed.  Other features include low construction cost for both new and repair systems, energy efficient low power consumption, adjustability to peak loading or idling, it can replace or upgrade old or failed systems that do not meet current discharge standards, and the system can be expanded and added onto to meet new volume requirements.
    So why doesn't everyone with problem soils use an AIRR system?  It's like a miniature sewage treatment plant with tertiary treatment!  Because most counties still insist on subsurface disposal of all water, whether gray or black.  This means that most counties still insist that a drainfield, mound system, sand filter, or leach field be installed, regardless of the water's cleanliness, for single-family residences.  If the system is used by a community and a maintenance person supervises its operation, then the state will permit discharge into existing waterways in most areas.  Having been producing excellent results since 1977, the AIRR manufacturers claim that drainfields could be reduced by 90% down to only 10% of the normal requirements. Unfortunately, some counties do not trust the individual homeowner to maintain such a system properly, so it is important to check with your local county authorities.  The AIRR system is made in Henderson, near Las Vegas, NV.

This proprietary product is listed in the department's List of Approved Systems and Products ( It is classified as a Packed Bed Filtration / Attached Growth Process (P. 18). It is also listed as meeting the BOD and TSS parameters for Treatment Standards 1 and 2, but must use disinfection to meet the 3rd parameter of these treatment standards, Fecal Coliform. This information is on pp. 34-38 of the above-cited List of Approved Systems and Products.

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The SPEC Industries, Inc. Water Reclamation Technology was named the AIRR (Alternating - Intermittent - Recirculating - Reactor) because of the process flow. The AIRR technology is a biological reactor that provides a controlled environment for the colonies of bacteria to react efficiently and effectively.

First, the AIRR facility is preceded by primary treatment such as a collection/septic tank. Primary treatment removes most of the fixed solids and discharges mostly dissolved solids. Dissolved solids are usually rapidly biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water leaving only a small amount of mineral matter which is usually in soluble form.

Microorganisms multiply in the presence of a source of food, but the low loading applied to the AIRR results in operation well into the edogenous growth phase where the microorganisms themselves are part of the food supply. Therefore, organisms are mostly consumed and do not accumulate in the AIRR media. A small amount of unconsumed suspended solids are discharged with the AIRR effluent which minimizes solids accumulation in the reactor. Therefore, the fate of solids in AIRR facilities is biologically reduced to provide a clear water and solids do not appear to accumulate within the unit, which has been processing influent since 1977.


Septic/collection tank effluent is delivered through a PVC pipe to the dosing tank. Two submersible alternating pumps (A) and (B), set in a screened enclosure located in dosing tank accessible through tank covers, deliver effluent through a PVC pressure pipe to the sub surface low pressure equal distribution system laterals in the dosing (secondary treatment) bed located in the AIRR enclosure for initial injection. A gate valve is used to regulate the flow and pressure to the distri¬bution system, which is set at __ feet of head. A time control device is located in the control and testing box which cause the submersible alternating pumps to deliver a design quantity of effluent at one half hour intervals to the dosing bed.

A dosing tank vent pipe is provided to prevent build up of fumes in the dosing tank. After a period of time, this dosed effluent, now partially treated, is displaced and flows through the under-drain pipe to the recirculation tank which contains submersible alter¬nating pumps (C) and (D) accessible through tank access. A time control device located in the control and testing box activate the alternating submersible pumps to deliver a designed quantity of partially treated water, through pressure pipe, at one half hour intervals to the overhead recirculation sprin¬kler network. This network distributes the partially treated water evenly over the reactor's dosing bed (secondary treatment section) and the final treatment bed (tertiary treatment section). A gate valve in the recirculation pressure line is used to regulate the flow and pressure to the sprinkler heads, which deliver a design volume of water per minute at __ psi.

The recirculation water that falls on the dosing bed returns through a drainpipe to the recirculation tank. The water that falls on the final treatment bed flows through a drain pipe to discharge.  A discharge system consisting of a tank, two alternating submersible pumps (E) and (F) accessible through tank access, a meter box, a meter, and a discharge pressure pipe are used when gravity discharge is not available. The discharge pumps are activated by controls inside the discharge tank. These controls are activated by demand and not on a timed basis as are the pumps in the re¬circulation and dosing systems. Electrical boxes are conveniently placed near the respective tanks where the pumps and controls are connected outside the tanks. The electrical box at the dosing tank has internal gas seals to prevent gas from seeping into the box and causing corrosion.



SPEC Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the technologically advanced “NITRATE” reduction unit to go along with the AIRR Wastewater Recovery Technology.  This technological development has taken years of trials and testing to create a “NITRATE” reducing process that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of governing agencies.  Independent test laboratories have provided the test results.  Nitrate Average Test results = less than 10ppm.
The AIRR/NRU Nitrate Reduction – Water Recovery Facility is the real solution for developments, sub-division, villages, single family homes, commercial establishments, etc.