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Incinerating Toilets are ideal for remote sites, large groups, freezing weather, and out-buildings.


There are several models of incinerating toilets. The Incinolet out of Texas is an electric model, which we don't carry.
The Storburn and Use'n Burn Toilets were wonderful, well-built units. Unfortunately, Storburn has gone out of business.
If you already own a Storburn toilet and you are out of masking foam, here are some alternative sources:

For anti-foam, go to
and order
Drexel Fome-Kil Anti-Foaming Agent
Quart Foam Kill
SKU: 8310035

For masking foam, go to and order the Method foaming dish soap.


Now the leading manufacturer of incinerating toilets is EcoJohn, which we are proud to represent.

EcoJohn makes both composting and incinerating toilets.
Ecojohn's incinerating toilets can be powered on 12V, 120V, and 240V.
Ecojohn's incinerating toilet models are designed to burn with propane, natural gas, kerosene or diesel.

For information on EcoJohn, click on one of these links:
General information on the EcoJohn
Information on the EcoJohnSR
Technical Information on all the EcoJohn units
Click here for an EcoJohn price list.



EcoJohn makes both composting and incinerating toilets with no water, no smell, ranging in price from $3995 to $4695, plus shipping.


Unfortunately, after many years of success, the Storburn company no longer exists.
However, if you would like to learn about what it was, read the information below.

With concern for the environment as a major consideration, STORBURN makes a lot of sense.  STORBURN introduced the "store and burn" incinerator in 1976.  The new model 60K builds upon that concept with a completely new control system that is simpler to operate and a new burner designed for increased combustion efficiency.  The STORBURN system represents a significant contribution towards improving the quality of life by not contributing to environmental damage.

Toll-free: (877) 713-7858

Reliability proven world-wide.

No water
No electricty
No plumbing
No holding tanks
No moving parts
No freeze up

    Burns either propane or natural gas.

The STORBURN toilet reduces untreated human waste to sterile mineral ash and harmless water vapor.  Because each incinerator cycle sterilizes the entire storage chamber, destroying all odor causing bacteria, the chamber never requires washing.

STORBURN'S patented design completely eliminates the foul odor problems that are characteristic of other systems.  A written guarantee comes with every STORBURN toilet:"Storburn gives off no fould odors -- inside or outside"We know of no comparable system that carries an equivalent written guarantee.

The STORBURN toilet is self-contained and does not discharge any effluent into the soil or harmful gas into the atmosphere.  All that remains after the incinerator cycle is sterile ash.

Under ideal operating condidtions a full 100 lb. propane cyclinder will burn 16 maximum capacity loads (approximately 960 uses).  Because of ambient temperatures, ration of solids to liquid and other variable factors that affect fuel consumption, it is more reasonable to expect 100 lbs. of propane to burn approximately 600 uses.  it is also more efficient to burn full loads rather than partial loads, since it takes virtually the same amount of fuel to preheat the combustion chamber under all load conditions.

The STORBURN toilet can be installed in virtually any heated or unheated building or enclosure.  installation is similar to a vented free-standing space heater.

Since there are no complex electrical controls or moving parts, the STORBURN does not require the services of a trained technician to handle routine maintenance, which consists mainly of cleaning the burner.

The STORBURN toilet can be used 20 to 30 times in succession before inceneration is necessary.  It will accommodate the needs of 8 to 10 workers in an average 8 to 10 hour day or about 6 to 8 persons in a cottage or residence where the daily use would be about 16 hours.

When ready to incinerate, add 1 packet of anti-foam, close the unit, light the pilot with a built-in igniter and activate the burner.  The burner shuts off automatically when the cycle is complete.

The burner cannot be activated while the unit is in use.  The unit myst be closed and locked (much the same as a self-cleaning oven) before incineration can take place.  The cycle takes up to 4-1/2 hours if the chamber is full.

The cabinet is made of tough non-corroding fiberglass reinforced plastic.  The top deck is heavy guage stainless steel with a heavy duty toilet seat and lid.  The storage/combustion chamber is cast nickel alloy.  The unit comes with a one year warranty.

Enjoy the Wilderness Comfort Station,
built tough for rugged conditions and remote areas
cottage, cabin, washroom, mobile office, wilderness work sites

Unit Dimensions: Covers floor area 17-3/4"x31-1/4".  Standard seat height.
Unit Weight:  Approximately 170 pounds.  (Shipping weight slightly higher)
Shipping Carton Dimensions: Approximately 20"x33"x55"
Storage/Combustion Chamber Capacity: 3 gallons (U.S.)
Gas Rating:  40,000 BTU @ 10" manifold pressure (LP).   40,000 BTU @ 5" manifold pressure (Nat.)
Burner Characteristics: Atmospheric type.  Ported.  Stainless Steel Tube.
Gas Connection:  3/8 NPT female inlet.
Gas Control:  Standard gas controls.
Flue Connection:  6" Male collar.  Standard taper.
Ignition:  Piezo type (no power supply or open flame required.)
Color:  Biege or white.
Fuel:  Propane (Model 60KPV).   Natural Gas (Model 60KNV)
Cost:  Refer to price list
Contact:; Mobile: (206) 324-5055; Toll-free (877) 713-7858; Skype: dean.petrich
Storburn Incinerating Toilet
Storburn Incinerating Toilet (60KN) natural gas
Storburn Toilet ((60KP) propane fueled
Vent Kit (VKL-1) standard sloped roof
Vent Kit (VKL-1MO) mobile building, flat roof
Aerosol Masking Foam (186-82-12) 12-can pack
Aerosol Masking Foam (186-82-04) 4-can pack
Antifoam (MK-1) 30 burns per bottle
NOTE: One can of  Masking Foam and one bottle of Anti Foam are included with every Storburn purchased.



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Freeland, WA 98249-9516
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Toll-free: (877) 713-7858