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Is Your Home A Healthy Home? Tour our Virtual House to find out. - Could Household Chores Increase Asthma In Women?  Chemicals, Dust Contribute To Greater Incidence In Women Health & Family Reporter Diana Gonzalez - TOP "10" HAZARDOUS HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS - The 10 Most Dangerous Toxins in Your Household

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"Insuring Your Health; Learning About Toxic Substances" -

Toxins - Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain - WARNING:  You can't trust warning labels! - Did you know that many everyday products found in and around your home can be toxic to your family? Children are especially susceptible to toxic substances both because of their small size and because of their fast rate of growth. Studies have shown that many toxins we are exposed to every day are responsible for increased rates of cancer, immune disorders and other health problems especially in children. - Great info on children's toys and the hazards of pvc (polyvinyl chloride)  - CHEC is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, specifically parents and
caregivers, about environmental toxins that affect children's health.  - The Center for Children’s Health and the Environment (CCHE) is the nation’s first
academic research and policy center to examine the links between exposure to toxic pollutants and childhood illness. CCHE
was established in 1998 within the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
CCHE’s mission is to promote the health of children by conducting environmental health and policy research.  - A comprehensive listing of household products and
their constituents with actual or potential hazards, as identified in the virtual house.  - is an investigation of the history of the chemical revolution and the companies that drove it –
and how companies worked to withhold vital information about the risks from workers, the government, and the public.
Journalist Bill Moyers and producer Sherry Jones rely on an archive of documents the public was never meant to see –-
documents that reveal the industry's early knowledge that some chemicals could pose dangers to human health that were not
disclosed at the time.  - Awareness of learning and behavioral disorders is reaching more and more
people, either first hand or through someone we know. Can toxics in our air, water or food combine with other factors to keep
our children from reaching their full human potential? How can we protect our children from environmental harm during
vulnerable periods of development? This site is about learning more, finding resources, sharing what we learn, and taking action
for our families and communities. Parents and parents-to-be, physicians and health care professionals, educators,
environmentalists, community activists, public officials and many others will find valuable information and resources here,
because we all have a stake in preventing harm. - Read about the dangers PVC poses to health and the environment, plus more.

Now Glyphosate (Roundup) Found in People’s Urine

GM Watch
February 22, 2012
According to an article in German in the Ithaca journal, a German university study has found significant concentrations of glyphosate in the urine samples of city dwellers. The analysis of the urine samples apparently found that all had concentrations of glyphosate at 5 to 20-fold the limit for drinking water. As well as being used increasingly widely in food production, glyphosate-based weedkillers often also get sprayed onto railway lines, urban pavements and roadsides.

Disturbingly, the Ithaca journal reports (in our translation), “The address of the university labs, which did the research, the data and the evaluation of the research method is known to the editors. Because of significant pressure by agrochemical representatives and the fear that the work of the lab could be influenced, the complete analytical data will only be published in the course of this year.”

News of this study comes not long after the publication of a study confirming glyphosate was contaminating groundwater. Last year also saw the publication of two US Geological Survey studies which consistently found glyphosate in streams, rain and even air in agricultural areas of the US.

Other recent studies – see the abstracts below – indicate that people may not only be absorbing glyphosate from multiple sources but that it can circulate in the blood and can even cross the placental barrier and so reach the developing fetus.

As you may be aware, mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer caused from asbestos exposure.  Our organization works with individuals and their families to help them find local ctors, treatment centers and support groups. We have created the most extensive prognosis support and information source online: and
and (888.322.3075,111 E. Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801)

Non-toxic alternatives A comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about everyday products that can potentially cause harm.  - Good health is essential to happiness. To achieve optimum well-being we need to take a holistic approach to preventative health. We need to look at all the lifestyle choices that affect our overall health, these include avoiding toxins (by using toxic free products), eating a healthy diet, ensuring an optimum supply of nutrients, drinking filtered water, exercising, and maintaining a positive outlook on life.   *****  (5-star site from Australia)) Ask Annie " She knows everything"   - Actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta
and mother of Jett and Ella Blue, is a member of The Children's Health Environmental Coalition. Kelly shares some advice for
keeping your baby safe.  - Actress Kelly Preston and Grease icon Olivia
Newton-John have a lot more in common than just their tie to John Travolta. Each has taken on her most serious role yet —
protecting children from household chemicals and toxins. – This website is dedicated to help educate consumers about the
products that we all assume are safe products because they are sold in stores, and that our government has laws to protect us
against harmful products. But, unfortunately, most of the chemicals in ordinary products that we use or are exposed to every
day have not been tested for safety. What's worse, for years the chemical industry has known the toxic effects of many
chemicals used in products today, but never revealed their studies to the public or to the government. - Alternatives to using toxic products

NLP Training Seminars
Maheono NLP Training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Delivers high quality NLP Practitioner and NLP training courses along with specialised modules for Business and Personal Development. Affordably the best!  Non-toxic products in schools.

Recommended Books

Cleaning:  Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan
Pets:   The New Natural Cat by Frazier
and a dog and cat care book by Pitcairn & his wife (includes homeopathy for pets health)
Healing:   Healthy Healing by Linda Rector Paige - latest ed.
Aromatherapy:   Aromatherapy for Women by Tisserand
Nutrition:  Rapid Healing Foods by Ben Davis
             Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch & Balch
Misc.:  books by Hanna Kroeger


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