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Water Filter Information




Water Filters & Water Treatment Systems



Usually if you are using municipal water your main concerns are chemicals and bacteria. If you are on a well the issues are primarily minerals, tannin, arsenic, and nitrates.

Water Catchment
- Rain Water
- Water Storage

Water Filtration,
Treatment & Purification
- What To Do
- Quick Answers
- Multi-Pure Filters

Informative Articles:
- 24 Filter Methods
- Global Water Issues
- Why Drink Water?
- Basics of Filtration
- Water Conserevation

Water Disposal
- Drain Strainers
- Gray Water

Technical Information
- Water Testing
- Survey
- Iron
- Arsenic
- Nitrates
- System Installation
- Filter Maintenance
- Determining GPM

- Unit & Parts Prices
- Sample ozone prices