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Ford in Bushes
Mileage Maxx
 for a green, clean environmentally friendly machine!
  • Proven Fuel Savings
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Increased Performance
  • Used by Major Fleets

Mileage Maxx is a patented multifunctional distillate fuel additive that is proven
to provide the following performance and preventative maintenance benefits:

What it will do:
  • Increases horsepower by 5%+
  • Improves mileage & fuel economy by 5%-20%
  • Reduces visible exhaust & toxic exhaust emissions by 30%-50%
  • Boosts base cetane by up to 8 points, improving ignition quality & reliability
  • Acts as a lubricant; reduces friction & wear
  • Cleans injectors & pumps
  • Prevents gelling
  • Separates out water; contains emulsifiers to remove moisture
  • Reduces oxidation during storage
  • Prevents rust & corrsosion
  • Contains algaecide
  • Works with all fuels
  • Reduces maintenance cost & extends equipment life
  • Lowers surface tension affecting a more complete fuel burn
  • Acts as a fuel stabilizer to reduce contamination
  • Reduces carbon & EGR soot buildup
  • Comprised of environmentally safe biodegradable petrochemicals
What it will not do:
  • Does not require engine modifications
  • Does not void engine manufacturer's warranties
  • Will not harm engines, engine parts, fuel lines, or storage tanks
  • Does not contain alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, MBTE, sulfur or metal

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