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There are many other models of waterless toilets on the market. Some work better than others.
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Composting Toilets
Phoenix (
CTS Composting Toilet Systems (
Sun-Mar (
Biolet (
ClivusMultrum (
Sancor Envirolet
Evaporative Sanitation Systems

Water Toilets
Danfo AB (
Nature's Head
Controllable Flush Easily upgrade your existing standard toilet to a Dual Mode Controllable Flush handle that can save you up to 67% of the water and money you are currently flushing down the toilet.

Toilet History, Information, & Alternatives
Restop: ( emergency human waste disposal
Toiletology 101: ( everything about toilet repair
Waterless Urinals (
Master Plumbers (
Travel John: ( disposable urinal bags which solidify urine
Miracle Seat http://www.miracleseat.comIt’s a vacuum toilet seat that COMPLETELY removes all odors BEFORE they escape from the toilet bowl.
The Flush Toilet: Thomas Crapper didn't invent the flush toilet. He had several patents in plumbing, but none toilet- related.
Here is a link to an "about" article:
And another one that claims a Sir John Harrington did it:
Composting Toilets
CalTech's Design for Bill Gates' contest:

Greywater & Blackwater Systems
AIRR (SPEC Industries)
Septic Tanks All about septic tanks.
Grey Water
Wastewater Treatment: Industrial Water Treatment, Aerobic , Water Treatment Chemicals (A high technology company that focuses on watertreatment, aquaculture, and wastewater treatment.)
All About Waste Water
Infiltrator (
Oasis Graywater Systems
GFX Greywater heat recovery system
Form Cell Space-saving drainfield alternative

CTS supply Sealand Dry Toilet

7C8 Sanitizer