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Water Treatment Systems
Installation Guide
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     Each system is accompanied with a set of specific installation instructions.  If there are any questions not answered in the instructions, feel freel to call or email either Dean Petrich at, or the manufacturer.  Here are some general principles.

       The carbon block units are installed either on the sink counter or beneath the sink.  Counter-top models simply need to have the gaskets seated properly for the hose connection to the sink faucet.  The sub-counter units mount on a simple bracket screwed to the side of the cabinet or wall.  The hose connections are explained in the instructions, although some sinks have unusual fittings or requirements.  Contact me if you don't have the correct parts.  Better yet, make it easy on yourself and hire a plumber or do a barter with an experienced friend.  All our manufacturers provide excellent customer support.

     The ozone units are more complex and take from 12 to 24 hours to install.  This time estimate takes into account unpacking the equipment, setting things up and designing the layout, filling the tanks with media, plumbing everything together, wiring all electrical components, backwashing and testing for leaks, and cleaning out any initial clogs.  Once the system is up and running, you will be pleased at how little maintenance it requires.

     The distillers are ready to go, but will require periodic cleaning and maintenance.  The set-up and maintenance depends on the model you order, and the instructions will explain the requirements.

     Ultra-violet light and white light systems simply require being plumbed on-line and plugged in.  Remember that the bulbs will eventually burn out and will need to be replaced, and the pre- and post-filter cartridges will need to be routinely changed.

     Reverse osmosis, like other sub-counter systems, is simply a matter of adding a tee and connecting hoses.  If this kind of plumbing is uncomfortable for you, it is well worth hiring a plumber to have it done right.  Make sure the unit is accessible for you to be able to change cartridges later.
     The NoKalk unit is the easiest of all to install.  Simply tape the pulser to the pipe with electrician's tape, wrap the coils and tape them to the pipe, and plug in the unit.  Read the instructions.

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