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Electronic Pulser

Installation Guidelines

Our system is not a water softener, but rather an electronic water "conditioner" which
employs advanced micro-chip technology.  It does not filter or purify water.  By using
very low voltage, the conditioner reverses the polarity of calcium ions to prevent the
formation of scale.  The electrical fields of pulsating frequencies calculated by the
conditioning unit polarizes water's natural conductivity, which results in the particles
flowing freely in suspension.  This reduces scale formation in the plumbing system,
permits the progressive elimination of existing scale and reduces the effects of corrosion.
The NoKalk system can be installed quickly and easily on any type of plumbing --
copper, iron or plastic -- and requires no special tools.  For best results, the wires located
at each end of the unit must be wound tightly around the main cold water pipe as close to
the water entry as possible.  It is important to wind the wires a minimum of fifteen (15)
up to a maximum of twenty (20) times, and then secure the wires with electrical tape of a
Tyrap.  For safety reasons the system should always be connected to a ground outlet.
The unit can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.  For all surface or artesian
well water sources it should be installed after the pump and before the pressure tank or as
close to it as possible.  In the case of municipally-treated water, the NoKalk conditioner
should be located as close to the main water supply entrance after the shut-off valve as
possible.  It should be installed on the line after any iron filtering device and before any
other filter or softening device.
Salt Softeners
It should be noted that when a salt softener is in use it is not necessary nor recommended
to disconnect the softener immediately.  It is suggested that the two systems be used
together for approximately one week and the water supply can be diverted through the
softener by-pass valve.  Some clients may prefer to use both systems simultaneously.
Whether your water source is from a municipal system or from a well, hard water may be
Descaling Process
The NoKalk unit will gradually clean your plumbing system.  However, the time required
to eliminate scale deposits completely will depend upon the degree of encrustation as
well as the volume of water being consumed.  Scale buildup in the toilet tank indicates
that the descaling process has begun, and you may wish to remove this settled
encrustation from the tank.  It is important to understand that until your plumbing has
been cleaned of the encrustation it now holds, you may experience some inconvenience
from loosened scale.
Descaling Procedures
It is suggested that for the next two (2) months you should check and clean all filters on
all appliances that are treated by the NoKalk system.  Check, clean, and rinse off  all
loosened scale particles that have been cleaned from your pipes, by cleaning all faucets,
aerators, dishwasher and washing machine screens each week for a period of at least two
months.  Appliances should begin to work more efficiently, will perform better and will
have a longer life.  Water pressure should increase.
Once the descaling process has begun, it is recommended that you flush a few litres of
water from the bottom of the hot water tank.  To do this, open the drain at the bottom of
the tank and let the water run freely until clear.  The temperature of the hot water may
increase due to increased efficiency of the hot water tank.  This may require an
adjustment of the tank thermostat, both to prevent getting burned and to save energy.
We recommend the use of an in-line sediment filter, especially with high concentrations
of iron in the water supply.  If used in conjunction with an ozone or oxygenation system,
no  additional sediment filter is necessary.
Final Results
Once your plumbing has been descaled by the NoKalk system, the results are remarkable.
Instead of rock-hard scale formed by calcium in solution, a powdery white residue is
left which, if not filtered, can easily be flushed or wiped away.
Existing deposits are gradually dislodged and flushed from the system.
Customers report savings of up to 50% on cleaning supplies, soaps and shampoos.
NoKalk enhances the taste and smell of your water.
Water treated with a NoKalk system improves the growth of most plants.
A NoKalk system consumes only a tiny amount of electricity, less than $5.00 per
There are never any extra costs with Nokalk:  no salt, no filters, no chemicals.
NoKalk is a quality product, manufactured in Canada and CSA-approved.
We are so confident of NoKalk quality that the unit features a 25-year guarantee.
We are so confident of the NoKalk performance that we offer a full refund of the
purchase price if the unit fails to perform after 90 days.
For additional information, contact Dean Petrich at:
2131 E. Middle Drive
Freeland, WA 98249-9516
(360) 730-7992 / (206) 324-5055